pdfmechanic 0.3.4

Merge, extract and convert your PDFs


  • Simple and easy to use
  • Encryption funtion
  • Merges, extracts, comverts and rotates


  • No extra functions
  • No PDF viewer


pdfmechanic is a basic but efficient PDF editor that will allow you to merge, extract pages, convert, rotate and encrypt your PDF documents.

This is a really simple app, so don't expect too many bells and whistles. That said, pdfmechanic does exactly what it says it will, cleanly and quickly, making it an excellent option if your needs are relatively limited.

So what does it do?

pdfmechanic offers four basic functions: the merging of multiple PDFs into one, extracting single or multiple pages from a PDF and saving them as a new file, converting a PDF to TXT, HTML or XML, and finally, rotating your PDF in a number of ways. Add that to the fact that pdfmechanic can also encrypt your PDFs and protect them with a password, and you're looking at a pretty healthy tool.

Quick and easy, pdfmechanic will let you edit your PDFs at a basic but useful level.



pdfmechanic 0.3.4

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